Attorneys Cayman Islands represent some of the top legal firms that are internationally known.

Cayman’s top firms specialize in corporate and international finance law, focusing on investment funds, capital markets and structured finance but they also have a strong involvement specializing in the conveyance of real estate matters in Cayman. This knowledge and expertise makes buying Cayman real estate a very professional endeavor with the utmost trust for all buyers. It is always advised to take the services of a qualified attorney when purchasing real estate in Cayman. There are no limitations to ownership of property in Cayman. Cayman also offers “full title” to Cayman Islands Property for sale through a well established & professional Lands Registry system in Cayman. During the conveyance stage of all property purchases attorneys can walk you through this whole process preparing all the paperwork for your mortgage and property transfers. They would also make sure that that there are no encumbrances such as a mortgage lien, outstanding strata payments or old and unpaid electric water bills. Making sure there are no surprises when you close on your Cayman home.

attorneys cayman islandsThe usual charge for conveyance of Cayman property is 1% of the property purchase price or value. Of course this can be negotiated. If indeed a purchase of property in Cayman is made with a mortgage obtained with a local Cayman bank then the bank would recommend an attorney to be used everytime. What the purchaser should understand is they pay the cost for this attorney which would be at the same rate of 1%.  If your wondering how much it cost to buy a Cayman home check out the only Cayman Mortgage Calculator which will estimate all your costs such as Stamp Duty, attorneys fees, Cayman government fees specifically related to buying Cayman property.

Attorneys and the Law they practice in the Cayman Islands is based on English common law with local statutes representing a very stable legal and judicial system that continues to grow strongly. Local firms involvement in real estate matters can range from private investment advice, developer guidance to individuals buying Cayman properties.

Below you will find a list of the best law firms and attorneys operating in the Cayman Islands with real estate matters.