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Fosters Supermarket unveils new store



Foster’s had rebranded and has opened a new 60,000-square foot flagship grocery store  in Camana Bay . Foster’s first started talking with the Dart organisation about opening up a store in Camana Bay about 10 years ago. The Camana Bay store is a huge location and will have a lot more products. The new store will also feature the “Bay Market Cafe,” an expanded deli and much larger hot deli. It will offer meats roasted and carved daily, freshly made sandwiches to order, salads and soups. It will also have many options for breakfast and dinner in addition to lunch. There will also be a coffee bar at the new store.

Camana Bay

The location and size of Fosters new store is sure to have a very positive response from the local Cayman market and tourists alike.


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Cayman Stamp Duty Savings

Cayman Stamp Duty Savings.

What is Cayman Stamp Duty?  Cayman Stamp Duty is a set rate of 7.5% on all three Cayman Islands on the purchase price or the market value of the property, whichever is higher. This includes all property purchases such as land, condos, homes etc. Stamp duty is calculated in Cayman Islands currency.

There are currently two ways to save on Stamp Duty in Cayman;

1. How Caymanians, Work permit holders, residents, investors etc can save?

This bracket of purchasers of Cayman property have until the end of DECEMBER 2019 to save on Stamp Duty when they purchase a property in Cayman in any area of Grand Cayman. Only certain new developments have acquired permission to offer these Stamp Duty savings. Contact us here for more info on who they are.

This allows developers to sell developments/homes whereby the buyer, a Caymanian or local resident (expat/work permit holder/resident) would have the opportunity to purchase their new home with two purchase agreements. One for the value of the land and the other for the value of the home. The buyer would in fact only pay the Stamp Duty on the first purchase agreement (land). This offers tremendous savings in Stamp Duty. So any buyers looking to purchase such opportunities should move quickly as savings can be as much as $50,000.00 or more in some cases such as the new Palmyra Residences.


1. How Caymanians can save on Stamp Duty?

Other than the above scenario/s, savings on Stamp Duty for Caymanians buying their first home or land to build was increased by the Cayman Islands government. First Time Caymanian buyers now have a valuable opportunity to join the property ladder. Government said the increase was designed to help first-time Caymanian property buyers and low-income members of the public.

These Stamp Duty savings will also be available to two or more Caymanians, but not more than ten, that are buying property collectively for the first time. If the value of the property with a building on it does not exceed $500,000, then there is no stamp duty to pay. If the couple or group is buying raw land with a value under $300,000, then there is again no stamp duty to pay. The bill also specifies a 2% rate of stamp duty for acquisitions with built-up property that do not exceed $600,000 and $350,000 for raw land.

Below are the current concessions that First Time Caymanian Buyers can take advantage of as of today. If you have any further questions on these please feel free to contact us here.

1. The new Law/Bill came into effect 1st January 2019

2. Includes Caymanians purchasing property for first time as joint proprietors or as proprietors in common.

A. Buy $400,000 or less for land with a building. NO STAMP DUTY

B. Buy $150,000 or less Land only. NO STAMP DUTY.

C. Buy $400,000 not exceeding $500,000 land with a building. 2% STAMP DUTY.

D. Buy $150,000 not exceeding $200,000 land only. 2% STAMP DUTY

Incredible opportunity for Caymanians to join the property ladder & save $$$$ today!


***IMPORTANT NOTE – All Stamp Duty is paid in Cayman Islands Dollars currency. So it’s in buyers interests who are purchasing cayman properties in United States Dollars to calculate the correct Stamp Duty rate so there are no surprises when you are closing on your property purchase.

If you are looking to purchase Cayman home opportunities with Stamp Duty Savings  contact us here for further information.

Don’t how much it costs to purchase a home in Cayman? Check out the the first ever Cayman Mortgage Calculator to find out!

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New Seven Storey Hotel for Cayman Islands

The Shores Hotel Cayman Islands

The Shores Hotel Cayman Islands – The growth of the Cayman Islands real estate market continues. A new hotel is to be built along the Seven Mile Beach corridor called The Shores Hotel Cayman Islands.

The Central Planning Authority has approved an application for a $20 million, seven-storey hotel on the northern end of Seven Mile Beach.

The four-star hotel, which will be called The Shores, is being developed by Libanon Corporation.

The company originally submitted a plan for a 10‑storey hotel, but this was rejected by the CPA in March.  It was determined that the size and scale of the initial plan was not in keeping with the character of the area.

The latest plans, however, have won the approval of the authority.

The developers say the 140,000 square feet, 129-bedroom building will be a business hotel. It will also cater for a niche market that they say is not adequately served in Cayman.

The Department of Tourism endorsed the creation of the hotel. They stated in response to the application, “The addition of a business hotel is a welcomed concept to join the world-class tourism and hospitality sector that currently exists across all three of the Cayman Islands.”

According to the plans, the hotel would stand 97 feet high, some 33 feet below the maximum zoning height.

It will be located next to the Paul Howard Community Tennis Courts, north of the Renaissance condos on West Bay Road.

More than 70 people, many of whom were objectors, attended a meeting of the CPA on Wednesday when the revised application was heard.

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Harbour Walk Grand Harbour

Harbour Walk

Harbour Walk Grand Harbour breaks ground.

A new $30 million development has broken ground at Grand Harbour which has been nick named “Mini Camana Bay” and it may prove to be. It’s real development name is Harbour Walk.

The residents and surrounding neighbors of Grand Harbour are sure to benefit from what will be a “mixed use nature” development such the larger Camana Bay is. Bringing to Grand Harbour amenities and services which aren’t currently available off the Seven Mile Beach corridor. A total of 26 retail and restaurant spaces are slated for the bottom floor including a raised pool deck, running track & roof top bar to name a few. The second floor will consist of 62 one & two bedroom apartments on the upper floors. Harbour Walk also features space for eight Class A office spaces.

Harbour Walk and Grand Harbour it’s self is beginning to look like the buzzing hub between South South and Prospect.

Check out the newest development at Grand Harbour Palmyra Townhouses for modern, open plan & contemporary new homes. Also save over CI$50,000 in Stamp Duty when you purchase one of these amazing new homes.

Have further questions contact us anytime.