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The Cayman Islands has been called the jewel of the Caribbean and it quite credibly is true. Cayman Islands property enjoys a stable governance with tax free status and a highly developed infrastructure with attracts the best and brightest to call home. The real estate market in Cayman is a robust and strong property market establishing it as a very savvy, stable market to purchase real estate whether you are buying homes for sale or Cayman Islands real estate rentals as an investment property. Foreign ownership is welcomed with no limitations to ownership offering full title to Cayman Islands Property for sale through a well established, professional Lands Registry system in Cayman. Buyers of Cayman Islands houses for sale have a wide range of affordable Cayman properties to select from whether it’s Cayman Islands condos on the beach, houses for sale or Cayman Islands house rentals as a means to invest and visit Cayman year round. Most, if not all, Cayman property for sale and it’s real estate agents are regulated under a regulatory body called CIREBA or The Cayman Islands Real Estate Association setting a standard of ethics, safety and professionalism for all buyers whom wish to purchase Cayman Islands real estate. Not many buyers may know this, as purchasing property around the world may be a little different, but regulated Cayman real estate agents have access to all property for sale in Cayman as a member of CIREBA. This means simply that buyers can choose one knowledgeable & experienced real estate agent to work with. This allows a buyer an incredible opportunity to stay with this one agent throughout the whole buying process. A buyer in this instance has the opportunity to use the vast experience and knowledge of this one agent when buying property in Cayman at no cost to the potential buyer. This is where AshmoreAlexander stands out from the market. With over 25 years of Cayman Islands experience and with tremendous knowledge of property transaction whether it’s from a foreign ownership stance or a local purchase, AshmoreAlexander is here to guide you every step of the way with confidence.

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Kiralee H.

Tony has been a wonderful agent. He made my first cayman home purchase such a positive and stress free experience from start to finish. His knowledge and wealth of experience as a cayman real estate agent is very clear. He was always very professional and…

Katie S. Lawyer

Tony has been an incredibly informative, professional and supportive real estate agent. I could have never completed my purchase without him. He made the transaction flawless from start to end, answered every call, email and sms promptly and with productive, informative answers. His patience, enormous Cayman real estate property knowlege…

Alex J. Finance

Tony was an excellent resource for us and handled all negotiations professionally and efficiently. He was attentive and always there when we needed advice. He guided us through the process from beginning to end, making it all seem far less daunting. Ultimately resulting in happy new homeowners! Thank you Tony!…

Rob R. Accountancy

Living off island the process to sell our condo with Tony was seamless. He kept us up to date the entire time and gave us plenty of notice to have our legal side done at home. Big plus for us was an accepted offer within weeks of the listing. Tony…

Pellar D. Corporate Administration

“We made the absolute right choice in selecting Tony to sell both our homes! His personal attention, professionalism, and communication of what buyers expect in our price range were keys in getting our homes sold quickly. From market analysis, contract negotiations, and doing literally whatever it took to get both…