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Charges Involved When Buying a Cayman Property / Closing a Loan

Simple to use

1. Fill in "Purchase Price" and "Deposit Amount" below. Costs (stamp duty, gov fees, attorney fees) automatically calculated.
2. Fill in "Interest Rate" and "Amortization" below. Payments automatically calculated.
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Purchase Price: $ Deposit amount: $
C. I. Government Transfer of Land Stamp Duty 7.5%:
(**Based on Purchase price OR valuation which ever is higher)
Required By Bank. 1% commitment fee of loan amount: $
C. I. Government Stamp Duty on Registration of charge:
1% or 1.50% of loan amount
(loan below S300.000 is 1% / loan above $300,000 is 1.5%)
1% is used $
C. I. Government Registration of Charge Fee: $ 50.00
C.l. Government Certified Copy of Land Registry Fee: $ 20.00
Legal / Attorney Preparation fees:
Average 0.45% to 1% of loan amount
1% is used $
Life Insurance Assignment per applicant: $ 100.00
Letter of Offer Government Stamp Duty Fee: $ 2.00
Purchase Agreement Goverment Stamp Duty: $ 100.00
Miscellaneous Disbursement fees $ 244.00

Loan Calculation

Purchase Price
Deposit amount
Loan Amount
Interest Rate (%)
Monthly Payments

Total Funds Needed to Close a Loan

Total Costs
+ Deposit
= Total Funds
**This is an indication only of estimated costs and can change without notice. This guide is to help estimate your purchasing cost.

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