Residency Cayman Island by purchasing Cayman real estate.

Residency options for Individuals with Financial Means.

The residency regulations are stringent, with clearly specified requirements that must be fulfilled.

Seeking to live and work, if necessary, in the Cayman Islands ?

For individuals interested in spending part or all of their time in the Cayman Islands, there are four distinct residency choices:

Certificate of Permanent Residence

Requires a minimum investment of CI$2,400,000 in developed real estate and may result in Cayman Islands and British citizenship for the entire family.

25 Year Residency Certificate

Requires a minimum investment of CI$1,200,000, with at least CI$500,000 in developed residential real estate, and either a consistent source of annual income of CI$120,000 from external sources or a minimum deposit of CI$400,000 with a locally licensed institution.

25 Year Residency Certificate based on a Substantial Business Presence

Requires either a business investment (minimum 10%), purchase/lease of commercial property and at least four full-time employees, or employment in a senior management role within an existing or new business/family office.

25 Year Certificate of Direct Investment

Requires a minimum investment of CI$1,000,000 in a licensed employment-generating business.


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